Cigarettes Are Bad! Are E-Cigarettes Any Better?

SmokingFor well over thousands of years of recorded human history, people have always been smoking one thing or the other. Kind of makes you wonder why though, doesn’t it? Whose idea was it to burn certain plants and inhale their smoke? Did it have any purpose where it began? Did people think it’d be fun to exhale smoke? Or perhaps it was a religious thing to do? Whatever the reason, smoking is an age old habit of mankind. The burning of certain substances releases chemicals that can be inhaled and absorbed into our bloodstream by our lungs. This makes smoking medicinal as well. However, when you burn a certain substance, the smoke produced is likely to carry harmful particles as well. These harmful particles include tar and ashes. These particles are nowhere near friendly to the lungs and can deal a significant amount of damage to the cilia present in your lungs, which are small hair like protrusions in your wind pipe that deflect dust particles. Tar can also deposit in your lungs, making them go black and increasing the phlegm produced. Oh and perhaps the most widely known downside to smoking cigarettes is that it causes cancer.

The fact that cigarettes can cause cancer was capitalized by a few companies that started offering a safer alternative to smoking and nicotine intake than cigarette smoke. This alternative came to be known as E-Cigarettes or E-Cigs for short. The idea behind these cigarettes is to replace smoke with vapor. You can insert a cartridge of fluid into these battery operated devices and inhale the vapors. These vapors come in many interesting flavors and concentrations of nicotine, making them fun to smoke and talk about as well as in helping smokers get over their fixation of cigarettes. However, are these E-Cigs really all that safe? Can they provide people with an alternative to smoking that is healthier? Well, healthier is right however, according to a research conducted by Indiana University, it has been found that these E-Cigs are still harmful in their own way. Well, that puts a damper on things doesn’t it? Just leave it to the science guys to spoil the fun. But the fact is that when you inhale vapors, you’re still introducing foreign particles and chemicals into your lungs. These vapors can still damage the cells in your lungs and you know what damage cells can mean if you’re not careful. That’s right, cancer. These Trendy E-Cigs are still somewhat safer than the actual tobacco smoke but let’s bear in mind that they are nowhere near totally safe. Your lungs are meant for breathing air and not smoke of vapors. Best keep it that way. Though a little fun can’t hurt, right??